Declaro-me culpada

“We live in the age of Performative Reading.

Consuming as many books as possible has become a competitive sport for knowledge workers who want to show off their intellectual curiosity. To do so, they race through books like they’re collecting mushrooms in Super Mario Kart. 

This modern reading habit stems from a deep-rooted cultural insecurity. We no longer believe that one idea can be transformative. 

Instead, we follow a binge-watching, TED-Talks-before-bed strategy where we hop from epiphany to epiphany without investigating any of the ideas. Our obsession with learning has descended into an obsession with consumption, as if the answers we need to take action are lurking in the next book, the next documentary, or the next Netflix show. But consuming more information does not necessarily make you more competent.”

One Big Idea, David Perell